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About our office…

Thank you for the confidence that you have placed in us.  We sincerely desire to make your child’s visits to our office as pleasant as possible.  We feel that we can better establish good relationship if both parents and patients are aware of how we operate.

Appointment Scheduling:  It is important that you are aware of and understand our scheduling policy. In order to provide the best possible treatment environment for our patients, we schedule younger children earlier in the day and reserve most afternoon appointments for middle and high school students. We do this because it has proven to work well in our practice. If you have questions regarding our scheduling policy, please ask to speak with one of our doctors.

Initial visit: Each child receives a comprehensive examination on their first appointment.  We may ask permission to take cavity-detecting x-rays if your child’s teeth are close together.  We feel that it is beneficial to take a full-mouth x-ray (panorex) starting around age 6 or 7 to check for any hidden developmental problems such as extra teeth, missing teeth, or eruption irregularities.  For Referral Patients, a consultation is performed at the first visit.

Radiation Safety:  Our office uses digital x-rays which require significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. All our patients wear protective aprons and thyroid collars for x-rays. Our machines are certified regularly to meet radiation emission standards. In addition, we practice radiation hygiene, which means we only take x-rays needed for proper detection and diagnosis of dental problems

Prevention:  Our practice strongly believes in the benefits of routine preventive dental care.  This is accomplished by both regular dental check ups and providing recommendations for proper home care. Our home care recommendations may include the use of various fluoride gels, pastes, rinses or tablet supplements. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT REGULAR PROPER BRUSHING, FLOSSING AND DIET CONTROL ARE THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS TO REDUCE RISKS FOR CAVITIES.

Treating Cavities: The options for treating decay in baby teeth have changed over the years. We use the most contemporary materials and procedures available. We will discuss the options with you as necessary.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Frequently, we use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help reduce anxiety and fear during dental procedures.  It is very safe and most all children experience no side effects.  Used properly for the right child, it is tremendously effective. 

Children’s Time: We are very conscious of your time and we generally run on schedule.  However, sometimes children require a little extra attention during treatment that we did not foresee.  We will not compromise dental care just to stay on time.  Be assured, however, that your child will receive all the attention that they need when we are treating them.

Parents: Although many parents choose to allow their children to go to the treatment area by themselves, please remember that one adult or both parents are welcome to remain with their child.  The door is always open.  However, for safety and privacy, children who are not being treated are asked to remain in the reception area with a supervising adult.

Our Doctors:  In our office, you will have the opportunity to meet all three of our doctors. They have similar treatment philosophies as well as the same genuine concern for the well-being of you kids. We believe this is important because it helps kids and parents develop trust in our practice.


  1. Late Arrivals: If you arrive late for your scheduled appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you, however, please be advised that it is possible that we will not be able to see your child. It is not fair to make patients who arrive on time after you to be seen late.

  2. Cancelled/Missed Appointments: We ask that you make any appointment changes as far in advance as possible and we appreciate a minimum of 48 hours advanced unless family emergency or illness. We understand that home life is busy and sometimes unexpected things arise, but if you fail to keep multiple scheduled appointments in a 12-month period, we will not retain you as active patients in our practice. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A STRICTLY ENFORCED POLICY.


  1. All insurance co-payments and non-deductible fees are due at time of service and are the responsibility of the undersigned parent/guardian.  Dental benefits are meant to provide assistance with the investment in your family’s dental health; it is not meant to pay in full all dental fees. Any fees not covered by dental insurance are the responsibility of the undersigned parent/guardian.

  2. Outstanding account balances 60 days are referred to an outside agency for processing.  Any associated processing fees will be responsibility of the undersigned parent/guardian.

  3. Non-insurance/self pay patients: Payment/Co-payment is due in full at the time treatment is provided.

  4. Payment Options: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Care Credit

  5. Financing:  Payment plans are available if needed.